Friday, July 15, 2011

Just Notice

Ah, the weekend. The recent theme of Friday posts has related to removing yourself mentally (and sometimes physically) from chaos and intense emotion. Yes, it's a journey not a destination. This weekend just notice, without evaluation, what is happening when you feel a 7-10 sense of inner intensity whether anger or anxiety, apathy or lethargy. Without evaluation means without adding variations of , "That's awful," "I'm terrible," "He's bad," or "She's a brat."

For example, when you just notice, you say to yourself.

The kids were awake on and off all night. I'm exhausted.
The plumber didn't show up when he said he would.
Isabelle bit Jeremy again.
The dog pooped on the new rug.
The back yard needs work and will cost a lot to fix.

When you just notice, sometimes you can move forward without taking any action, without further emotional intensity. It's a neutral statement of reality. Sometimes you can't. Try it out and see if you can use this process to avoid one or two or three intensities over the weekend. I know no one who can have none!
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