Monday, July 25, 2011

"The perfect is STILL the enemy of the good," but Harder to Apply on Monday.

I hope last Friday's (7/22) post was as useful to readers as it was to me over the weekend. We had company for dinner on Friday night and I completely forgot the Black Pepper/Parmesan biscotti* which was part of the main course. My husband saw it a bit later and brought out the biscotti with dessert. It definitely didn't go well with dessert — and its appearance made obvious that I had forgotten. It didn't matter at all.

This was a simple, small faux pas of course, but I found that thinking about "perfect is the enemy of . . " helped make the whole weekend more relaxing than usual. So, I'm suggesting trying out the philosophy during the week.  Already not quite as easy as I'm working on an article I'm writing for Michigan Today, a publication of the University of Michigan, planning an upcoming board meeting, trying to understand some financial documents that are confusing etc.

I'm interested in your experience with your attempts at weekday applications of the practice.

Wednesday's post will be about the ad "Hail to the V" ad. If you haven't seen it, I'll have a link — I think.

* Here's link to recipe if you're an intelligent women who likes to cook.
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