Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Have you Seen the Ad? What Do You Think, intelligentwomenonly?

 This is the message I received earlier in the week from Anne Doyle. "Have you seen the  multi-million dollar  "Hail to the V" ad campaign that Summer's Eve (feminine hygiene products) corporation has just launched?  Voices are beginning to be raised from women who say they are racist and sexist.  I've been asked by Forbeswoman.com to write a column on the ads.   I first saw one of the ads last week during the movie previews before Harry Potters and the Deathly Hallows.
They have a "Hail to the V" website and different versions of the ad for Black, Caucasian and Hispanic women. 

The senior leadership/officers of C.B.Fleet, which owns Summer's Eve, is all male.  Remember, this is the same company that suggested in a 2010 Summer's Eve ad campaign that women should use this product before job interviews or asking for a raise.

I'm conflicted about my reactions.

Take a look for yourself.  Then, let me know what YOU think.  I'll be writing the column later this afternoon so would love your feedback ASAP."

Here's a link to the article she ultimately wrote: http://blogs.forbes.com/annedoyle/2011/07/26/summers-eves-salute-to-the-big-v-campaign-deceives/
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  1. I can see how it would generate some controversy. It doesn't necessarily offend me. I've certainly heard worse. ;)


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