Sunday, June 24, 2012

Adios y Buenas Dias Amigas Intelligente (Just Wanted to Get Your Atttention!)

Hi Friends of Intelligentwomenonly.com

I've moved my web site and blog, and you arrive there via the usual http://intelligentwomenonly.com It looks a little different, and zippier I think, but not a whole lot. I have short hair and have added brain fitness to my list of topics. Lots of new stuff coming up although I'm not ready for a webinar I'm sorry to say. But I'm going to webex.com to see if I can figure it all out. See you soon at the new site with the same good stuff about negative self-talk, brain fitness, gender differences psychosocial, cultural stuff, and odds and ends about books, movies, sex, trends, and life's transitions.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sleep is Important to Body/Mind and Everything Else I Guess

A Wall St. Journal article, June 5, about sleep, gender differences and similarities, and import for relationships. It reminded me about how ever health care person I've seen in the last 6 months has reminded me how important sleep is to my teeth, energy level, lung capacity, running capability, brain function, and heart disease. And I don't have anything wrong with me except routine dental stuff plus I sleep like a log. Must be a new trend. Here are a couple of interesting facts and quotes.

• Men tend to be night owls. Women are 50% more likely to be insomniacs than men.

•  Most adults need about 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

•  Twenty three percent of people with partners sleep in separate beds because of too much sleepus interuptus (made up phrase of course); caused by preferences for differing room temperature, or sheet steeling, too much movement, lights on late. Sleeping together is still best for overall health.

• No surprise that we don't sleep as well with our partner if we've had a run in during the day.

" . . . the psychological benefits we get having closeness at night trump the objective costs of sleeping with a partner," according to sleep expert Dr. Wendy M.Troxel.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Newddhists' — A Coined Word (by James Atlas) for Westerners Hungering for Balance

Also called, "nightstand Buddhists" by the author of the NYTimes Op-Ed, 6/17/2012 as he writes about a spiritual retreat he attended in northern Vermont. Atlas sounds like a rank newbie to the concepts of bare attention, psychological distance, the no-self, and the rest of the many values of meditation, whether it is based on Buddhism — or not.

I was uncomfortable with the author's approach — making it all sound mystical and strange, though beneficial.  As many of you know, meditation, mindfull or mindempty, is a great route to brain fitness. It improves immune response and mood, reduces stress, increases resistance to distraction and strategic allocation of attention, plus generally increases emotional self-regulation. How else can you get so much for so little effort and time?
"Newddhists' — A Coined Word (by James Atlas) for Westerners Hungering for BalanceSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend