Monday, June 18, 2012

Running in Moderation Provides the Most Benefits

Most of my assets, I attribute to running: emotional level headedness, coping skills, general low level of anxiety, good immune system and general health. Now I find that even though I'm not running marathons, or even running 5 days a week. it's a good thing! An Argument for the Slow-but-Steady Approach 

People who ran 1 to 20 miles per week at a pace of 10 or 11 minute miles reduced their risk of dying than those who ran more than 20 miles a week and those that ran faster than 7 minute miles. Regular jogging increases longevity. Hurray!

Since I'm now understanding that brain fitness improves with aerobic activity, I'm  jogging more frequently, but for shorter periods of time, and worrying less about speed. And I'm feeling sharper. The placebo effect?

In a week, the new site will be up and running. You'll get to it the same way, www.intelligentwomenonly.com and it will look similar, and have all the old posts, plus new pictures and information. Remember change is good for brain function!
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