Monday, June 4, 2012

Update on Intelligentwomenonly.com

Hi readers, regular and new —

I'm going to take time off (a week, or possibly two) from  posting as I redesign, rewrite, and reorganize, intelligentwomenonly.com — with help from web designer, Debbie Hulbert. In the meantime, I'll post previous popular posts for your consumption and links to articles that might be of interest. You can always browse the categories (in the red boxes) and find ideas: about eliminating negative self-talk, new research about thinking and the agile mind, fluid intelligence and brain training, an occasional article about women and sex ( why are men, rather than women, generally researching and writing about women and orgasms?), lots about intelligent women's psychology, making and breaking habits,.

I'll still Twitter @drtingley and be back with the recharged blog in a week, or maybe two with an upcoming series about positive, negative and realistic thinking — maybe a webinar, maybe not!

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