Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I always read and learn from the Essay on the last page of the New York Times Sunday Book Review. The topic often relates to writers and the writing life as did the recent essay by Anne Trubek, "140 Characters in Search of An Author." I found the title misleading.The content focused on the continuing pressure for writers to emerge from the garret, open mind and soul, disclose their creative process, and round up fans through their efforts.

"Social media sites like Twitter are demystifying the writing profession — and that may be salutary."  Similar to the public speaking process, the new demand for authors to be entertainers, not just introverted people reading softly from their newest book, has produced proponents of yays and nays.

• Is extroversion, telling all, way too demanding for many writers? Does it drain their time and energy, their routines and habits, the magic of their process?

• The other side? It's the reality of the new world of publishing, social media, more openness by everyone. TMI?. Can't one hold in secrets about one's inner life? Not only secrets of bad behavior, but secrets of good behavior too.

Since I write non-fiction, I don't have a very interesting creative process. I wouldn't mind talking about it, but listeners might not want to hear about it. Too boring. But those who write fiction and poetry, perhaps even memoir, might feel invaded by the demand to reveal their process. They might not even know exactly what it is; or fear that the genie would escape once the cork was popped. It reminds me of explaining what's funny about a joke. The telling ruins the humor. The out in the open mystical procedures evaporate the magic?

What's your experience?
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