Friday, August 5, 2011

Create Space by Being in the Moment

Although weekends can be stressful in their unique way, focusing on here and now, a tricky achievement, can help.

A suggestion was made at yoga this morning that we create more space between each negative thought, so that rather than one negative thought, e.g. "I never should have said that," bursting in air into twenty negative thoughts,  "I always say the wrong thing," "I'm an idiot sometimes," "People must think I'm brain dead," the original thought slowly disintegrates from inattendance.

Like any skill, cooking fish on the grill, creating a budget, parenting toddlers and teens, it takes time and mistakes, learning and improvement, before we reach a comfortable level of accomplishment.

I'm working on creating space this weekend. What are your thoughts, your experiences?
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  1. Thanks for sharing the lesson from your yoga practice. When I actually slow down long enough to really listen to myself, I am amazed at how negatvely I talk to myself. I'm learning to breathe and stay in the moment.


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