Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are American Women Resigned to Married Men's Sexual Pecadillos?

A quote from Maureen Dowd's NYTimes article today. The link is below.

"In five decades, we’ve moved from the pre-feminist mantra about the sexual peccadilloes of married men — Boys will be boys — to post-feminist resignation: Men are dogs. And there’s no point in feminists wasting their ire at women being objectified because many women these days seem all too ready to play along." 

I'd be interested to see if you agree or disagree. Doud's Op-Ed piece is concurrent with the latest Weiner stuff, which I think is a national embarrassment. It epitomizes stupid, 15 year old behavior blown up by ridiculous public lying and a maudlin confession, all followed by "I won't resign."

I've always wondered, since Gary Hart days, how public men can engage in this type of behavior — and expect that they will not get publicly caught. We all understand that men and women are different in terms of their thoughts, feelings, and behavior related to sex, although women are catching up in terms of infidelity. Isn't that wonderful??

Is it the ego, arrogance, power thing that leads these guys to think they can do whatever they want and keep it hidden? I'd write a book on the topic if I could figure it out or read one on the topic of "What are they thinking?" if someone else could figure it out. Can you come up with a hypothesis? How are they able to believe that no one will find out? Maybe we can write a group blog devoted to our guesses!

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