Monday, March 7, 2011

Differences Between Male and Female Brains? Of course.

 Here's the link to the interesting new neuroscientific research that confirms old social psychological research. (See Genderflex, Men and Women Speaking Each Other's Language at Work, 1994 by Judith C. Tingley Ph.D.)

Women are more emotional and men are more logical the researchers say. This is not news to most people. It is an accurate stereotype. I found it interestingly annoying however that the researchers equated logical thinking with "smarter". E.g. men are smarter apparently because they do better with math and science and women do better with human relations. I don't agree with that opinion. A musician isn't smarter than an artist. A writer isn't smarter than an electrician. Smart men and smart women have different areas of expertise, which doesn't make them smarter or dumber, but rather having a different set of skills.

 However, I am fascinated with the imaging results that give researchers greater knowledge of what's going on in our brain. I'm waiting for the day when they actually find the thousands of tiny inner critics running amok, breeding and overpopulating women's neural pathways. Maybe they'll have some solutions for eliminating the nasty critters effortlessly. But in the meantime, don't give up on problem-solving thinking, cognitive restructuring and detachment which you can read more about on future posts and in my book in progress, Handbook #1 for Intelligent Women: Break the Negative Self-Talk Habit.
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