Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Exercise, Healthy Eating and No Negative Self-Talk

"Although the happiest among the elderly seem to tolerate the aches and pains of old age with minimal complaint, they also urge younger people to treat their body as though it must last for a hundred years. That means no smoking, plenty of exercise, and a healthy diet. 'It's not dying you should worry about,' Pillemer said, summarizing the advice of his experts, 'It's chronic disease. What you can expect from not making the right health decisions isn't an early death. Instead you should be concerned about years, possibly decades, of suffering from chronic disease.'*

Who cares? I do. What's new about the comment above? Nothing except that it comes from the wisdom of experts in the field of old as they look back and ahead. The article doesn't in fact say anything about negative self-talk, but readers of this blog know that the NST habit has consequences similar to the fried ice cream with a side of mashed potato habit and the butt generally on a couch, chair and/or bed habit.

Negative self-talk and it's escalation, rumination, can culminate over time in chronic anxiety and depression. And  the negative self-talk habit also contributes mightily to the unhealthy eating and the no exercise habit. Breaking the NST habit seems the best starting point for a domino effect. I'm thinking in this stream of consciousness of creating an online 8-12 session class about breaking the NST habit. Not quite sure how or what. Video? Interactive? Traditional? I need to work on this idea. Suggestions? Please comment if you have an idea of what would work best.

I don't know any really good books on the topic to recommend while I patiently wait to get my book Handbook#1 for Intelligent Women — Break the Negative Self-Talk Habit published.  Do you have a recommendation or two? Please let us know if you've found some helpful resource that's available to all.

 *Here's the link to the Tampa Bay Times article "In Cornell University Legacy Project, aging Americans discuss Surviving and Thriving"
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