Monday, January 2, 2012

Goal for January? Get Rid of NST — Start Now, End February 1.

The Writer magazine, January 2012, provides a brief  article about combating negative self-talk — for writers. I've long believed that NST causes most symptoms of writers' block or even acetia, a topic I posted about last week. It's just the content of the internal monologue that differs slightly between people. E.g. "No one wants to read your writing," hangs in with "Your opinions are disrespected," or  further along the continuum, "You're an idiot."

Stefanik's article suggests recognizing NST and the negative emotions as the first step, followed by asking yourself why you feel this way. I'm all for acknowledging that you have the habit, but don't bother asking why.  Insight doesn't produce change is one of my strongest basic beliefs. The process of elimination is similar for writers and pilots, women and men, intuitive and rational thinkers.  Here are links to previous posts on starting out, problem-solving thinking, cognitive restructuring and detachement/distraction, to help with the do it now approach I'm pushing.





I do agree however with the final sentiment expressed in the article, quoting psychologist Arlene M. Cooke. "We have the choice to believe in the good or the bad about ourselves. It's never too late to change the directions of your thinking and start the journey to a more optimistic, happier and healthier version of you."
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