Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Emotions and Thinking — A New Model?

A quote from Sharpbrains.com: one of ten quotes about neuroplasticity.

Emo­tion is the sys­tem that tells us how impor­tant some­thing is. Atten­tion focuses us on the impor­tant and away from the unim­por­tant things. Cog­ni­tion tells us what to do about it. Cog­ni­tive skills are what­ever it takes to do those things.”

I'm not sure I totally get the quote or know the difference between cognition and cognitive skills, but I still liked it.

When I saw this quote, it reminded me that I've neglected the topic of emotion while focusing primarily on thinking. Yes, feeling and thinking do go together, maybe more connected for women and more detached for men. But maybe not? So I'm going to check into what's new in neuroscience about emotion/attention/cognition. Does brain imagery detail emotional pathways?

The original psychological theory of rational thinking says thinking precedes emotion which comes before behavior. H-m-m-m, maybe there's a whole different model that neuroscience can demonstrate. Any readers have knowledge or thoughts about the quote or neuroscientific info re neural connections between emotions and thinking?

I'll be back with more on the topic, but not right away!
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