Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WW: Ann Patchett — Writer, Entertainer, Entrepreneur

Trumpet blast!  News flash! 

Today's post opens the curtain on a new subject for intelligentwomenonly.com, Writers and Writing.  It shows up now as the 8th and bottom red box on the right side of the intelligentwomenonly.com site. Posts on the topic will show up haphazardly for now, all labeled "Writers and Writing" and carrying WW in the title line. If you have ideas, thoughts, comments about the new subject and/or you'd like to write a guest post for Writers and Writing, please let me know.

After today, I'll continue to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the regular topics: understanding negative self-talk, eliminating negative self-talk, gender differences, psychosocial/political/cultural stuff, stress reduction, techniques to reduce NST and stress, and problem-solving.

Ann Patchett — Writer, Entertainer, Entrepreneur

 I heard Ann Patchett read and speak at Town Hall in Seattle. She was the best writer/speaker I've ever seen/heard: funny, real, honest, dramatic, and right there with the audience. When I recently saw this article below about the "new" book tour trend I realized Ann broke the historic and familiar pattern at least a year ago. Here's the link to that article:


 In case you missed the article about Ann's new bookstore in the New York Times, here's the link:

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