Monday, October 17, 2011

The Big Picture — Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

If you are a negative self-talker, and you understand NST, and you've read tips and tried some of your own techniques, and you're still dragging the inner critic and the subsequent bummed out feelings around with  you — it's time to STOP.  There are three primary categories of proven ways to eliminate or reduce negative self talk.

• Problem-solving thinking — A good place to start getting rid of NST

You may be a classic logical problem-solving thinker and use a step-wise, cyclical process.
1. Identify the problem
2. Gather information
3. Propose solutions
4. Implement a solution
5. Evaluate and move on — or go back to step 1 or 4: redefine the problem or implement a different solution.

Or, you may be an intuitive problem-solver, which seems to be more common among women than men.
1. In a quit place, with a quieted mind, look inward and wonder the solution to yourself. e.g. "How can I get a traditional publisher for my book?" " What would be a good title for this article?" "How can I get more traffic to my blog?"
2. Leave your question alone and incubate it , along with a couple of other questions/problems, connected or not. "Would biking be a good addition to my exercise routine?" or " Is Asian food healthier than a Mediterranean diet for me?" and "What city is best for the setting of my story?"
3. Make no concerted effort to solve the problem. Anxiety and trying hard become obstacles to the intuitive problem-solving process.
4. Relax and give yourselves opportunities for intuition: staring into space, walking, running, napping, swinging, time alone, daydreaming.

Research says:

Regardless of your most comfortable mode of problem-solving thinking, logical or intuitive, being able to use both increases the chance of original, practical solutions.

You can also find other information about problem-solving under the subjects of "Ramp Up . . . ."

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