Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Newsweek's Report on Women's Progress, plus a Few Leftovers

Note re 8/22 and 9/26 bog posts

I thought Monday's information about "ego depletion" which I found in a NYTimes Book Review and a New Yorker article by John Tierney mentioning "decision fatigue" seemed similar in concept, but I didn't figure it all out until I checked back. Both are authors of a recent book, Willpower. They are both marketing the book zealously as authors must, and in the process are using different language to attract a bigger audience. It worked in one way. I read both articles in full. In another way, it didn't work. I don't now see the book as widely, innovatively interesting and I'm not planning to buy it. H-m-m-m. Makes an author think!

I'm also researching:

•  brain mapping related to emotion and logic related to 9/19 post
•  why the increased interest in Buddha and the brain from 9/9 post

I'd be happy to post your thoughts and name, if you're interested and have more expertise than I on these 2 topics.

Women's Progress According to Newsweek

Today's post, continuing the topic of high-achieving women in a slightly different vein than the Wander Women focus, borrows from Newsweeks's 2011 Global Women's Progress Report. The link provides interesting details about the criteria for determining best and worst.


I'll highlight information that I found interesting.

• Based on categories of Justice, Health, education, Economics and Politics, Iceland, Sweden and Canada were 1, 2, and 3 with the US in 8th place.

• Seven out of ten of the top countries for women are cold: top 3 above plus Scandinavian countries. Any ideas about causation or correlation?

.• A 2007 book, Dutch Women Don't Get Depressed notes that women in the Netherlands are happier because of their sense of personal freedom.

• Women in the US outpace men in college degrees and score 97.3 out of 100 in the general category of Education.

• US has first female CEO of a top-20 US bank, Beth Mooney.

Women are recovering less rapidly than men from the recession. They have lost 218,000 jobs. Again, cause?

Friday, there'll be more content/experience with problem-solving thinking OUT LOUD.
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