Friday, December 17, 2010

Strategic Allocation of Attention, Marshmallows and Walter Mischell

This is an NPR segment from RadioLab — about strategic allocation of attention — a concept that is useful in eliminating negative self-talk. I've blogged about this before, but just found and heard this interview on the radio.  Walter Mischel talks about the original research with kids and marshmallows. Kids who can delay gratification by allocating attention AWAY from what they want end up as more successful adults. H--m-m-m-m? This particular audio doesn't focus on eliminating negative self-talk, but you can probably see why distraction and detachment are considered good techniques to eliminate NST. More later.

I think you can open this and hear it if you have i tunes software on your computer. If you can't, if may be my lack of technical skill (realistic self-talk) rather than your computer or your skills!

Yup. I was realistic. It didn't work so I've erased it. I'll try again later today when my patience returns.
OK. Patience has returned and this does work!
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