Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maureen Dowd plus Men/Mascara/Pantyhose

Maureen Dowd's Sunday March 11th NewYork Times article sent me into tears of laughter as I read it to myself in bed, next to my husband. The title? "Manlashes, Manscara and Mantyhose"  She's discussing "the end of men". Or is it really the beginning of men catching up with women in terms of fashion and cosmetics?

What made me laugh out loud was the new lingo. Not sure if Maureen made the words up, or if the fashion/cosmetic industry has been the source of creativity.
• Mantyhose is also called brosiery and guylons.
• Manscara and manlashes for you know what.
• Manskirts. In Seattle the "utility" skirt is quite popular.
• Tights, just another form of mantyhose, now are printed with starts, skulls and checkerboards
• Web site e-MANcipate.net sells men's hosiery exclusively and includes instructions on putting them on!

My husband was slightly offended by my loud, teary laughter. I wasn't making fun of men. It was just so crazy, particularly after focusing on "the more things change, the more things stay the same", I was confronted with a potentially GIANT international culture change.

WOW! What's your take on the trend? Funny? Brave? Silly? Sad? The new macho? Metromale only? European not American for sure?

Here's a link: http://www.news-record.com/content/2012/03/12/article/maureen_dowd_manlashes_manscara_and_mantyhose
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