Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mostly Glamour Magazine and Harsh Body Talk

Heavy-duty neuroscientific research demonstrates, as shown in this article,  http://www.bmedreport.com/archives/22521 
that making and eliminating connections in the brain, a significant aspect of breaking the NST habit, is a complex and evolving study.

If you have no interest in reading Neuroscience, which I completely understand, check out the link to the Glamour magazine article http://www.glamour.com/health-fitness/2011/02/shocking-body-image-news-97-percent-of-women-will-be-cruel-to-their-bodies-today  It's alarming to me, even as someone who is already knowledgeable about the seriousness of the women's negative self-talk problem.

Also read the comments from readers below the article. One reader questions the magazine's use of a perfect body on a beautiful women as the "centerfold" for the article. I too found that PJBT — poor judgment, bad taste. Do they really get it? A web-site follow up on March 23rd,  by Shaun Dreisbach, the author of the first article, attempts to sound a positive note about this 2011 survey compared to a 1984 similar survey. It didn't help — and it seemed to use different numbers: 97% in the original "Shocking" article, 40% in the attempt to soften the impact. H-m-m-m?
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